my eight year obsession

9:51 PM

around my junior year of high school i became friends with a girl that i had known my whole life but had never really spoken to and i owe this long lasting obsession of mine to her.

back in high school i wasn't allowed to go out much, my parents feared that i would die or get into major trouble, but when i became friends with jeniffer i was allowed to go out a little more.
jeniffer immigrated from cuba like my family and although our parents had completely different ideals and parenting styles, me heading over there was nbd and sometimes i could even spend the night (bfd)!

what i loved most about jennifer and still love is how she was always genuinely herself even at the age of 17, i still struggle with being my honest self, especially in front of people i don't really know. not that i act like someone else, i just don't say or do much. i guess i am shy? but i am getting better.

the point is, that on our first hangout she introduced me to asian dramas.
it was awesome.
i instantly fell in love. they feel like an extended romantic comedy and you get to really understand and love the characters.
and the really good ones feel like an emotional roller coaster but will generally leave you in a good spot.

i even got chris (an avid hater of most things i watch on tv) hooked on a couple shows when we first got married.

since i started grad school i put this obsession on hold because i will get hooked and do nothing with my life until it is done. so i'm saving up for winter break or post graduation.

if you have self control i suggest just jumping into it.

i've compiled a list of my top 3 favorite dramas to get you started!

1. it started with a kiss 

i just re watched the opening credits to this show and had a rush of emotions come back to me.
this was my first and i feel like it should be everyones first.
it is the classic tale of a lovestruck awkward teen who falls in love with the valedictorian and most handsome boy at her school and the development of their relationship.
is that even a classic tale? dosen't matter because it becomes one after watching this.

2. my lovely sam soon 

this one i fell in love with in college. it's a little bit more of an adult story in that the main character is in her 30's, her bf was a cheat and dumped her, and she's a phenomenal pastry chef but has no job.
its just really great.

3. flower boy ramen shop

this one deals with one of my favorite food, ramen and a fiesty quick to anger grad student who has to take over her fathers ramen shop after he passes. the shop was sort of a safe haven for the young delinquents who couldn't afford food and her father had helped to take care of them.  the term flower boy is used to refer to a very beautiful man, generally young and baby faced, that make the women around them swoon.

this was a fun watch and one of the shows i got my husband into when we were first married.

have you ever watched an asian drama before? if so what was it, i'm always looking for more:)


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