Breakfast talk

8:20 PM

hi all!
hope this week has been treating you well. 

mine has been eventful and culminated with an awesome babysitting adventure with my youngest niece.
it was only slightly embarrassing  picking her up from school and realizing i couldn't even open her stroller. i've watched plenty of nieces and nephews in my day (i have over ten) but i've never had to use a stroller.
in florida we just loaded them into car seats, but today i had to do it. there is probably surveillance video of me slightly freaking out in a stroller closet until i eventually went out and asked the man working the front desk. 
the actually babysitting was fun, we danced to disney songs she's probably never heard, we listened to mozart and beethoven, and ate chicken salad with our hands. i'm calling tonight a success. 

i came across this awesome article tonight about what kids around the world eat for breakfast.  some of them are so involved. growing up my breakfast was pretty spot on with the two kids from brazil who had coffee with milk in their sippy cups and bread and butter.
i have had cafe con leche my entire life (i still drink it every morning) and growing up  i drank from a baby bottle, my parents even had my daycare make me coffee before my naps! 
a little extra insight into my life, i drank out of a baby bottle until i was seven.
it only sounds embarrassing now but i could lay down in the mornings watch a cartoon and drink my coffee. 

i could lay down and drink my coffee, i could cry thinking about this. 

some days i am still envious of seven year old me and koki hayashi from tokyo, his breakfast sounds so good. 

what was your breakfast like growing up and do you still gravitate to the same style of breakfast?

- tomorrow its up and out of the city early to get our butts down to florida. its going to be a great drive and i look forward to the quality time ill get to spend with chris and the pups. 
wish us luck!
follow along on our little trip by following the #beltsacrossamerica hashtag on instagram!


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