I really want...

9:30 AM

I really want to move.

I posted in passing about the difficulty of trying to find a new apartment in the city and how much more difficult this dog discrimination stuff makes it. It's really fucking hard.

This is actually the longest time Chris and I have lived in one place together, which it makes it a little sentimental to leave. But lets be real, this apartment is kind of gross especially when the city is warm. The only nice thing about winter is it seems to make the city less smelly and keeps all the pests hidden.

If i'm being honest the amount of other life in this apartment that doesn't pay rent makes me so disgusted, I like want to cry and run home to Florida.
To get really into it, I've killed three giant fucking roaches today.  Luckily the dogs help out, Nadia has really refined her hunting skills. She can track a roach and catch a fly midair without destroying anything in the apartment. Charlie just gets out of her way, not to helpful. The good about this is I don't think they actually live in the apartment but since we live off the hallway from hell they are just getting in through the door.

I even allow Chad the giant spider to live above the shower because I think he's helping out too.
I really want out. Is this normal for NYC for above ground apartments or is this just a basement thing. Someone please give me some hope.

We do have some possible studio options opening up in the area and the idea of one space is kind of exciting, even if it's slightly smaller.  We are already used to having a loft bed and I kind of love being so far off the ground.

I saw this crazy awesome loft/ room last night that I really want to build one if we get a studio.
I love the idea that we could turn the under room into a little practice room and maybe we could do some soundproofing and make a little studio under the bed.
Plus all the storage on the front and sides you could have.

What do you think?


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  1. I love how nifty it is and good luck on your search! Hope you get something you love soon:) xoxo

  2. Thank you! I am really excited about the prospects of a studio and building something like this. We saw an apartment last week and I'm in love . Hoping we get out of the basement (fingers crossed emoji if it existed)