mixtape monday // week 2 !

8:00 AM

happy monday!

hope you all had an amazing weekend:). 
mine was nice and relaxing.

it started with a concert on friday with the manhattan school of music brass and wind ensemble ,which could've gone better. the playing was great but the piece i played on started with electronics and they just wouldn't play. it was quite embarrassing. it worked all week and even at the dress rehearsal that morning, but as soon as we were ready to start it just wouldn't happen. we were up there in silence for what felt like ten minutes before the director started talking to the audience and then they ran the cd with a laptop to the sound board plugged it in and we began. The sound of the recording was awful, really grainy and soft and the recording didn't even come in during the last part of the piece but luckily we kept on playing.

if they post a recording of it , which i doubt will happen, i'll post it on here. 

the rest of the weekend was great.
and consisted of 
  • so much time with chris
  • re-exploring juicing
  • much relaxing
  • attending the chamber music society conference. ( so much free swag!)
  • and signing up for a free month of spotify premium
i am so excited to try out the offline playlists available on my phone now. 
i've been listening to the same Brazilian playlists from my old brazilian music class for far too long. 
so if this actually works for the subway and exploring the city with no wifi i will definitely keep paying for it. 

to start the week off,  i created a playlist for my morning rides to ease me into being awake and part of society.

1. phosphorescent // sun, arise!
2. james blake, bon iver // fall creek boys choir
3. lykke li // little bit
4. cocorosie // roots of my hair
5. chvrches // lungs
6. wildcat! wildcat! // garden grays
7. yo la tengo // ohm
8. vampire weekend // diane young
9. hundred waters // wonderboom
10. loftus // emma's rubber leg
11. chvrches // the mother we share
12. young galaxy // pretty boy
13. haim // the wire
14. glass candy // warm in the winter

{listen on spotify}

have you created a playlist on spotify? 
please share, i want more lists in my life. 

- bea

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