apartment wishlist

10:51 PM

it's crazy how, now that we have so much less living space than we had in florida, chris and i have taken such an interest in the furniture and functionality we wished out apartment had. sometimes
i stay up late and think about all the possibilities our little space has.

i even keep a Pinterest apartment wish list/idea list/ if only list that i like to admire at least once a week to keep me inspired and loving this small dark space we live in.

the first major area to tackle is our big red couch that is 1. to large for our "1" bedroom apartment (its really a studio with an inconvenient wall) and 2. it makes me feel like i live in an ugly frat house.
i liked the couch enough that we bought of craigslist in florida and hauled it up to the cit. its comfortable to sleep on, it converts into a bed, and it hides a lot of texts book in its giant compartment, but it doesn't feel cozy or allow us any room to make the space feel like any kind of home that doesn't have a giant couch in the kitchen.

i have big plans for this place and i can't wait to work them out.

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