Back again

6:56 AM

Rule number 1 about blogging.  Do not blog in bed at 1:30 am with all the lights off, you will most definitely fall asleep and erase full posts because you are an idiot. 

This had been the last two days and I am sorry that this rule wasn't obvious to me, which was probably for the better because I can't even remember what I wrote about.
here is my attempt at remembering.

We are officially back from the longest weekend of driving I've ever been a part of.
We left nyc around 3 on Friday (my class got canceled but Chris still had to do some work) with Ernesto (my car who now happily loves back in fl), the pups, and 16 sandwiches so we wouldn't go hungry. 
I feel like driving is a lot like going to a pool party as a kid in that you are always hungry and will devour anything that is put in front of you.
Did anyone else experience pool parties like this?

We arrived at my parents house in florida around 12 pm on saturday. 
No hotels involved just a stop or two for a nap at a rest stop.
Chris took a a nap before the wedding but I only had 1 day with my family before Christmas so my parents and i went shopping and visited my lovely grandma's house. 
I always love how excited she gets when I come over, whether it's been a day or 5 months she always reacts the same.
i posted a few photos of our friends wedding that happened in this awesome circular patch in the woods surrounded by the most beautiful trees and a small lake. 
the ceremony faced the sunset but there were so many trees it didn't burn it just had this gorgeous glow. And there was an amazing lack of bugs and gators in this area, which is huge for any outdoor wedding in florida .
Sunday morning my parents invited my siblings and the kids (14 people 18 total) to have an amazing breakfast together. 
It was really nice to see everyone and spend a few hours talking and playing around before having a super long ride back home. 
Thank you mom for putting that together and making all that yummy food!
We left florida around 3 in our rental car, grabbed a publix sub, and started  the not as bad of a ride home. 
We arrived around 10 am om Monday and Chris made it to work on time! Total success of a trip.

If you're planning a ridiculous weekend of more driving than actual trip here are a few tips.

× pre pack all your food. It saves so much money,  especially if your a big car Eater and it keeps you from stopping every 2 hours. Those stops really add on the hours.

× have spotify on your phone. I wish I was sponsored for this app so I wouldn't have to pay for it. But I'm not and I'm still super in love with it.
We listened to comedy albums non stop on both drives. We figured out that the talking and laughing kept us more awake than pretty much any kind of music. Maria Bamford was on point this weekend.

× if you are leaving from nyc on a friday do not leave at 3 pm you'll hit 6 his of traffic on the way down. . We left florida at the same time on Sunday and missed all of  the traffic on the way up.

Driving is generally really easy with chris and the dogs they just sleep all day and Chris and i just hang out like normal. 
I've grown to  really love car rides but I'm sure this will all change eventually when we have some little ones.
Hopefully all the times my mom said that she hoped I had a kid just like me doesn't come true because I threw up on every long car trip for like 7 years.

Hope you had a great weekend!
What did you do?


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