Phone post

11:18 PM

Hi there

Currently I am laying in bed wide awake listening to the sound of my fan while my husband sleeps. 
How am I not tired even though I was up early?
It's been a busy day of practicing,  cleaning,  and rehearsals,  which isn't typical since Sundays are generally quiet and family oriented.
we couldn't take a whole weekend off, especially since next weekend will be super unproductive  with all the driving to and from Florida and then a wedding.
I went to fairway on 125th today. I don't think I've done real grocery shopping since June and it was pretty refreshing. 
Usually we just order from fresh direct because the markets in or neighborhood lack so much and are super overpriced.  Also if was nice because the experience didn't suck, usually grocery shopping or any shopping at the bigger stores in nyc is hell.
As much as i love trader joes I refuse to go there in nyc.
It is so impossible to get around  and if you forget an item and have to go back the expedience is like salmon swimming up stream to spawn except the river is evil eyeing you.
I don't think I'll be making a habit of actual grocery shopping, it's definitely harder to keep on a budget when you can smell all the delicious food and I hate the train ride home with grocery bags. Plus it's really nice to shop alone in my apartment and not having to put on pants.
We also are trying to get more disciplined in this apartment. We wrote up some chore charts and to do lists and are working on getting running shoes  to start exercising daily and waking up earlier to get more done.  I'm actually looking forward to running again!
Hope you had a lovely Sunday.

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