halloween 2014

4:35 PM

hope you all had an amazing chocolate filled halloween!

this year, like most holiday's in nyc, chris had to work so we spent the night at his job, which thankfully is a fun bar. i really love all the people we have met this past year, it was a really fun night of chatting eating too much chocolate and hanging out until 4 am.

we kept the couple costume theme of the past few years going and we dressed up as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

we found the perfect sweater colors at american apparel this week, for some reason we always wait until the last minute to finish costumes.

I spent the morning in soho attempting to buy a pair of black lace up shoes.
my original idea was to head to the converse store and get the new all rubber high tops but they didn't have my size. i went to five shops and no one had my size in anything. 
it was so frustrating.
i expect it in my neighborhood where everyone has size 6 feet but soho? i always imagine lower manhattan as the land of models who all have giant feet.
you'd think they would have more size 9 shoes.
i had pretty much given up and had to get back uptown for a class when i spotted f21 and decided to give it one last go, so glad i did because i love these shoes. plus the lady at the door was handing out 25% off tickets so i didn't even have to pay full price.
and i was only 5 minutes late to class.


the final look:

hope you all had a great halloween and a wonderful october.
my attempt at blogging everyday in october wasn't really a success but it did get me to blog a lot more than if i hadn't tried.

tell me about your costumes!!


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