my 2014 anthem

8:00 AM

happy wednesday everyone!

i just wanted to share my 2014 anthem with you.

i didn't really set any resolutions, aside from the usual make more music and be confident.
this video/song inspires me to do both.

i posted about the beyoncé album as soon as i heard about it and saw the trailers, so like any sensible person who didn't have money and didn't want to steal the album off of the internet i turned to tumblr and was able to find and watch all the videos. i was in love i think i spent all night looking up the videos and watching them on repeat //

two of the videos really hit me hard. the first is blue, i think it's the images of brazil and the sweet sound of it but i always almost cry when i watch that video. i did cry the first time (it was mad late like 3 am late) but i can hold myself together now. i spent the whole last semester studying brazilian popular music, and the images and how beautiful brazil seems as opposed to what we read and talked about really effected my emotions. but this is not my anthem.

my motivational, keep on pushing, you can do whatever the hell you want anthem is grown woman.

the video is perfect and this makes me feel like i want to feel.
i feel confident and happy when i listen to it and  i definitely need more confidence in 2014.
i'm too old for this shy and self-conscious bullshit.
i am a grown woman, i need to act like it.

but anyway here is the video!


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