2:49 PM

hi again.

i can't help but feel like i have been neglecting this little blog.

i don't know what it is but i feel like i have had nothing worth sharing and that's a little sad so i thought i'd try something new.

for the month of october i thought i would try to post on the blog everyday.
i feel like i might have tried to do this in the past and failed, but not this time.
please ignore that i am already off to a bad start because today is the 2nd and i already missed a day. honestly where did september go?

i have no idea how this will turn out but hopefully when it is over i will be back in the habit of posting regularly!

i guess today i will post 5 awesome play store apps that i discovered this week.

1. Aviate Launcher - free

i generally hate launcher apps.
i've wanted to like them since i had my G1 but they are either super cute but always freeze up, shut down, and need like 10 accompanying apps to make it functional and i don't have that much space to give up. but this one is the perfect blend of sexy and handy and you only need the 1 app.
plus i no longer have crowded folders or a million pages to keep my phone organized. it feels like a lot to describe so i added that convenient video.
i seriously love this app so much.

2. Mix photo editor - free

i was so excited to find this app, when i switched back to android after my iphone 4s a year ago i was so disappointed that so many apps that i loved sucked on android like for example afterlight is shit on android. which is really annoying because even though the photo quality is a little better on the samsung than my past iphone the photos didn't have the same pop that the iphone gave them.
wtf am i even talking about..
the point is this app is wonderful and it allows you to save combinations of filters and color adjustments and any other kind of adjustment as a preset so when you find a look you like you can recreate it with one touch. so dope.

3. Tunable - $1(but worth it)

this app is a musical game changer. i freakin love it. my teacher told me about this app in a lesson and pulled it out on his iphone and it was love at first sight. it puts my little korg tuner to shame. i have had pitch issues since forever (#oboelife) and last year is what i refer to as the year of pitch where every one of my lessons centered around how awful my pitch is, it was so frustrating that i even cried in one of my lessons. but that's another story.  this is one of the first really great tuners i've had on my phone the response is quick, you can see where your pitch is super easily, you can also see what the waves look like which is so useful with seeing if your vibrato is even and if its in freaking tune or how wide it is. plus it has drones,  a pretty cool metronome, and the dark or light theme options.
just talking about this app makes me want to go practice. miracle app.

4. Superbetter - free

{video is super long but pretty interesting and she eventually gets to the app}

this app is still pretty new to me but it is pretty awesome.
it claims to build mental and physical strength if you complete quests, fight bad guys, and gain power ups. the design is cool and there are a variety of power packs created through collaborations with MDs and PhDs from universities like UC Berkeley and Stanford. but most importantly it makes mundane things like chugging water and hugging myself seem exciting and rewarding. yay app.
i'll update this in a few weeks and let you know how it works out.

5. Seven - free

this app is also pretty new to me but i am super excited about it. there are a few of these apps on the play store and probably the app store too but this was my favorite that i went through. so this app is a 7 minute a day for 7 month exercise challenge and i am all about completing challenges. its pretty basic it starts off with full body exercise and you unlock other workouts by working out regularly. the app tracks your progress and gives you 3 hearts (either a month or total) and if you miss a day you loose a heart and if you loose all 3 you have to start over again, which is some real shit. not like when i "did" the plank challenge a few months ago. i am excited to see if i can keep up with this thing.

well those are the new apps that i am loving.
let me know if you have tried any of these before or if you know of something better that i am missing out on.

i guess ill talk to you all again tomorrow because i am going to keep up with this.

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