Grocery theif in apartment 3.

9:28 PM

I think I've posted on here how much I love fresh direct and how I've pretty much ordered from them weekly for about 2 to 3 months.
I have a day set up and everything, it's like clockwork.
Well today was a bit unusual, frustrating, and surprisingly upsetting.
I had my delivery time set for this morning between the hours of 8 and 10, which means I was up at 730 even though I didn't have class today.

 I sat around drinking my coffee waiting for some glorious food so I could make a yummy breakfast ( i ordered turkey bacon and eggs ) and pack a lunch for chris.
The food never came, which is super unusual for fresh direct because they are always on time.

I tried calling and even sent them an email making sure everything was okay.
it was raining this morning and I was concerned about the driver.
About 15 minutes later around 10:45 I get a call back saying that the delivery man came by at 8:14 and left my food at apartment 3 (not my apt) and the person signed for it and took it in.
I was told to go upstairs while on the phone with fresh direct, knock on a strangers door, and ask for my food back. 
starving and dreaming of bacon and stinky cheese i went up stairs to fix this shit.
The lady was adamant that she had no idea what I was talking about and after about five minutes i gave up and left.

The fresh direct lady heard the whole thing and told me she'd call me back.
i then did what any person in this situation would do and i posted about it on twitter (nothing mean) and fresh direct immediately responded to it.
this was probably a good move because I got calls from a few different people including one of the heads up in jersey trying to get the problem solved quickly. The delivery men even came back to talk to me about the whole thing and also talk to the lady in apartment 3 who still denies everything even though the delivery man was there.

It was craziness!

It eventually got sorted out (around 1pm) but I have to wait until tomorrow night to get my groceries.

Fresh direct was really good about the whole thing, they added 20 dollars to my account (they said 50 on the phone but whatev) and gave me a number I could call direct if anything like this happens again.

I should be happy it was fixed without an extra charge but I've been so angry all day.
Just the thought that the people above me are drinking my kombucha, eating my bacon, and grinding my coffee beans makes me crazy.

Why would you steal my food? who takes packages with other peoples names on it!
especially people who live in their fucking building directly below them!
the thought of all this is so frustrating.

Sorry for all the negative vibes.
Hope you all had a great Thursday.

And if somehow the people in apt 3 read this


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