Ernesto Time

8:40 AM

hi all. 

for the past 3 weeks i have had my car (ernesto) in the city, which is something i never wanted or intended to have here.

a little history of ernesto and me. 
he was and still is my first car. a beautiful blue 2006 saturn ion that my lovely parents bought me in 2005.  9 years ago!!! (he doesn't look a day over 5)
he has really awesome breaks and has kept me from rear ending so many people when i first started driving, except one time and the other person had no damage and ernesto had to have face reconstructive surgery. which is probably why he looks so young. 
everything i learned about driving i learned with ernest and i do really love this car even with his key locking defects (i've had the ignition switch replaced twice!) and no a/c.

in honor of this being the last week ernesto is in new york i have put together a short list of things i appreciate from this experience. 

1. all the extra husband time on friday mornings (he sits in the car with me and we listen to wqxr and have our coffee together. 
this has become my favorite hangout during the work week and will be greatly missed. 

2. all the extra vitamin d in my life! i never get to sit outside in nyc (does anyone?) and i have no light in the house so i dont get to fully enjoy the sun like i did in florida. except on friday morning with ernesto when the sun shines right in my face for two hours.  

3. seeing the same buildings for long periods of time and having the opportunity to really study them and the people who live in them.


4. experiencing parts of nyc i would never go to like w 38th by the river where all the busses and horses live to see the giant police station.

  and 207th st by the river to get to the tow place to pick ernesto up from car jail.

its been real but i am so glad ernesto will be gone before winter. 


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