sunday funday

8:09 PM

living in the city has been so much more enjoyable since chris and i stopped working weekends.
i feel like we get to live a little bit more like normal people instead of the late night hermits we were last year and it feels so nice.

last night was another late night post that got deleted.
i fell asleep on my phone...
it was pretty much about chris and i performed together as a duo again for the first time in over two years!
we started playing together when we were dating but a few months before we got married it kind of ended, not in any bad away but we both became really busy, me with grad school auditions and graduating and chris with his new full time job at the time.
but it is back and it felt so good to perform together again.
hopefully i can find a video clip or photos from last night to share on here i think the owner of the gallery might have some footage from last night.

today was also a great day. i feel like we are finally living in this city instead of just living in this tiny basement, if that makes any sense.

we went out this morning (3pm >.<) to sub culture out in soho to see the dublin guitar quartet perform.

it was great to finally see them live, we booked them last year for accidental music festival in orlando but weren't able to fly back down to actually see them perform.

i really like sub culture, the sound is a little dry but it's a beautiful intimate space where you can grab a beer and chat with the performers after the show.

realizing the only sustenance we had all day was beer and peanuts,  we decided to grab some lunch nearby.
the idrs this summer was held at nyu with a few events at subculture and i remember this really weird triangular building right next to it had a taqueria ( pinche taqueria ) so we decided to try it out.

the photo is pretty much the whole spot, there are few more two seat tables behind the lady in the photo and i was sitting on the second seat at the bar, the rest is mainly kitchen and standing room for to go orders.

the food was really good, i'd probably have to go a second time when i wasn't starving to be certain, but on first impressions it was amazing and on top of that they had 5 dollar margaritas (not sure if just a sunday thing or not).
i had an al pastor burrito wet ( mole and cheese on top) and chris had the carne asada fries and we shared the wings. it was kind of a crazy meat fest and a lot of food but it was all so good. and really filling that was our only meal today we ate at 5 and i am still not hungry.

if your in soho at lunch time check it out. i think tacos were around 3 dollars? definitely worth trying out.

the rest of the day was spent stocking up on a few winter essentials at uniqlo and getting some new comic books.

it was a really lovely day of exploring and just enjoying each others company in this lovely city.

i could really see us living here for a while. (so weird).

hope you had a great weekend!

side note //  have you tried the blue moon horchata beer?

it kind of tastes like christmas. 


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