Mixtape Monday // Week 9

2:19 PM

Happy Monday!

today has been a pretty busy day had to run a few errands before work and practiced while i waited for the google shopping express guy to come and deliver my new mom and floor cleaner so i could finally get mopping over with and get to work. it was weird because two different guys came first the mop and about an hour later the floor cleaner. but it worked out because i needed to be practicing.

this week is going to be crazy so many rehearsals i have rehearsal every day this week except friday, but friday i have a world music test and a super long drive to florida.

but i made this new playlist to get me through the train rides when i am completely over listening to the music i need to rehearse. i hope you enjoy!

1. alt-j // intro
2. spoon // new york kiss
3. lykke li // i never learn 
4. a sunny day in glasgow // in love with useless
5. hundred waters // murmers
6. ibeyi // river
7. mac demarco // salad days
8. CRUISR // all over
9. tomas barfod // pulsing
10. boys II men // what happens in vegas ( how could i not)

listen to the playlist here


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