brunch day

8:53 PM

today was the kind of day that makes me wonder why i ever hated living in new york.

chris and i spent the day with two lovely friends for what became a 10 hour brunch/ dinner date and it was wonderful. 

the day started out rainy and cold and we were pretty exhausted and rushed out the door because my 5 minute snooze alarm gave us an extra 40 minutes of sleep. oops. 

but brunch was amazing. eggs, smoked salmon, capers, home made apple-butter and biscuits, and so many bellinis. i had to run off for a while mid-day for a indian combo rehearsal at school, which was kind of a weird situation where i had the time written down wrong and no way of reaching any one in my class. i was an hour early got caught up in a dorm fire drill in the rain, and found a lot of friends in their lounge wear.  i eventually found the class and was actually right on time, it was wonderful. 

i am really enjoying playing in the indian combo, i get to improvise and dig deep into the culture and practice of indian music. plus everyone is really accepting, even when my solos aren't super inspired. 

my walk back to the brunch was wonderful, the rain let up and the skies were so blue and crisp. 

it was like the rain had never happened and the city for a short period of time didn't smell of piss.

after getting out of my wet shoes ( why did i wear canvas shoes on a rainy day?) we continued to chat for about 5 hours, eat the most delicious steak dinner, and finish off our 6th bottle of wine.

it was not the most exciting day of doing stuff around the city, but it was definitely one of the nicest and really helped to make the city feel like home.


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