the start of school and chilly weather.

7:41 PM

If anyone was actually concerned, I am alive and well.

I am actually doing extremely well.
I had a great two weeks in Florida with Chris and the pups ( see instagram for photos of that trip).
It was so nice and relaxing to be away from the city and I loved seeing all our family and friends again. There is nothing better than being welcomed by so many people you love and miss, it was like we never left.

that being said I did miss the city.

I feel like that is a dramatic change from me hating every thing about the city this time last year.
If that statement isn't shocking enough, I am actually looking forward to winter.

I know.

I cant even believe I wrote that out, but it's true.

It's been really great to be back in the city. The drive up in my saturn with the broken a/c was hell.
It must have been record high heat all the way up! it was seriously 97 degrees in north carolina and it didn't cool down much when we reached the city but thankfully we all survived :)

We brought my car up because we will be back in florida next month for a wedding and it saved us two car rentals. downside is we pretty much spent that money on tickets.

I got towed the first week of having the car here and not because I didn't move my car when the sweeper came but because when I moved it I parked to close to a fire hydrant.

Why are there no yellow lines on the curb!

Totally my fault and I payed for it with cash and the horrible experience that is having to go down to 38th street to pay to pick it up at 207th st tow place and dealing with some really ugly sass.

I sometimes wondered where they keep tow yards in the city and the answer is by the water where they keep all the horses and busses.

Aside from all that, school started up, I got a job in the school performance library ( love it), and Chris and I no longer work nights or weekends!
We are on semi normal schedules again and it feels so good!

I am excited to be back and it feels like it will be a great year. looking forward to sharing all about it on here.

hope y'all had a great Monday!


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