July, Vlogging, and Getting Out More

9:40 AM

Happy July!

I am super excited for this month. My job starts, we will hopefully move out of this hell hole, and we have so many more gigs then usual. It should be a good one, also I will hopefully start making more of an effort to be a better friend and actually call people, hang out, and mail some postcards.

Aside from my general be better, practice more, and get in shape monthly goals I think I might actually start vlogging consistently and as lame as it sounds, I am pretty excited about it.

I started working on one yesterday and think I might do weekly vlogs.
It's only been a day but I feel like it's getting me to appreciate the stuff I do more and actually make an effort to get outside and explore more.

I went on a run yesterday...by myself.  Who is this person I am becoming?

And today I am actually going to see my friend's boyfriend's dance troupe perform near Washington Square Park.
That's two days in a row making that trek down to NYU.  It's 40 minutes away and super annoying to get to because I hate taking the A train. It makes me feel nauseous and anxious. Anyone else?
I could take the 1 but it's so much longer.
But,  as annoying as it is to get there is like equally as fun to be there. So it's worth it.

I feel like I'm growing and my dislike of being around real people for an extended period of time is fading.

Also, Chris and I have been having more sunset picnics and walks (before vlogging) and I like the routine of not watching as much tv and being out in the city. Crazy right?

I was also thinking of composing music for all the blogs using sounds from around the city. If you saw my Coney Island Vlog , I wrote the music.

Do you have any big goals for July?


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