TBT // Performing in Florida

8:31 AM

On April 11th Chris and I had the opportunity to perform in the new Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts in Orlando Fl. 

When we moved away they were still in the preliminary phases of building, so seeing the completed structure was incredible. 
The concert series we performed in was a week long celebration/showcase of our alma mater UCF. We premiered a new work that was composed for us by New York composer Joseph Di Ponio titled Hommage a... for oboe, electric guitar, and electronics. 

We were pretty nervous about getting it together in time but the performance was awesome. I felt really good about it,  Joe was happy, and even Chris was excited about it. 
The piece was pretty out there and my favorite part of the performance was a man just leaving in the middle of it and mumbling that, "it just didn't make sense". Definitely got some emotion out him, which is the point, right?  Sadly, we didn't get a recording. sorry. 

The day didn't end there though. After the first concert, I had to rush and meet with my wonderful pianist to rehearse for the evening concert.

As much  as I loved playing at Dr Phillips I enjoyed playing the Timucua concert (evening concert) so much more.
I was able to play for my whole family and so many friends, which is way more nerve wracking but so much more enjoyable.  Most of my family hasn't heard me play and the rest haven't heard me in over two years so it was intense. 
I played my graduate recital for them a week before my actual recital ( So helpful!). 
The program itself is already exhausting but add playing/rehearsing all day, already performing a concert, and just being tired from a long day to it and I was dead both mentally and physically by the end. 
The concert went well I still hear about it from family, which is awesome and motivating and I always need the motivation. 

Our time in FL was also Chris and my birthday weekend!  
My birthday was spent in the car still driving down and Chris' included an awesome family party and two cakes :). 

Overall, Orlando is still my favorite place and it was such an honor to be able to perform for the wonderful people who live there. 

P.S. The dress I am wearing in the performance photos was a last minute F21 purchase. Can you believe it? It was like $25.


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