End of the week notes

10:36 AM

Friday! The weekend is here!

I am actually pretty excited about this weekend. Chris and I are performing as part of Make Music New York at studio 26 in the lower easy side at 2pm on Sunday, come if your in town! We will also be hanging out at the Bang on a Can Marathon all day around our performance.  I went to the marathon last year but I didn't get to see any of it because I was working outside. I am really stoked to see all the groups this year.
And the Mermaid Parade is Saturday! I definitely want to check it out. We'll see if I make it out, coney island is such a trek.

Such an exciting weekend! What are your plans?

Here are some randoms from this week...

// The dogs love having company over! (Especially when food is involved) They have become the most amazing and well behaved dogs in their older age. But they still get a little excited outside when they see other dogs. Charlie is a happy barker and Nadia is a happy jumper the two together seem to terrify everyone around us. Old habits die hard.

//  I got a job! I will be working at Lincoln Center this summer for Lincoln Center out of Doors. It's temporary but I am excited.

// These overnight oats recipes. I had been making  greek yogurt & chia seed overnight oats for a while and am excited to try more out recipes.

// NYC hates pitbulls. Even if the building will allow dogs up to 50 pounds, they will deny you based on your dogs appearance. They won't even meet the dog to determine its temperament. #hateful

// If you couldn't tell from the last comment, we are trying to move out of our current apartment. it has been a great two years in our cozy basement and it's a little sad to think of leaving it, but I'm ready for bigger and better things, like a street view and windows! but really these pitbull restrictions are insane.

// Taystee <3

//my hair is long enough to do a half bun, which at this length is more of a man bun but it works!

// This article about something that happened in the game of thrones finale. Don't read if you haven't watched. Why would you do that to yourself?

Happy Weekend!


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