Graduate Recital 4/19/15

8:09 AM

Giving my masters recital was an awesome experience. As much as I've complained over the past two years about everything, I have come a long way and I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and to have studied here.
I wasn't really nervous to play I knew could do it, but I had this weird type of anxiety that night that kind of made me emotionless and feel empty with the normal side of cotton mouth. I was able to push past that thankfully and felt really good about the whole thing. Aside from all the water issues I had that night, I would consider it a win. 
I am so grateful that so many people I love were able to make it to my recital and to have such an amazing husband, professor, and accompanist there with me. 

Although MSM makes you pay to have concerts recorded ( so weird) it was kind of worth it to have a pre cut and labeled cd of my recital. At UCF you had a cd but you also got the minutes of weird silence added into it.
I have attached the soundcloud playlist of my recital to the bottom of this post if you'd like to listen:)


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