the end is nigh

1:34 PM

i have been avoiding this blog for too long. april was super hectic very final but also really rewarding.
i will probably do bigger posts on more of the major things that have happened in the past month but in general i am now 26 y/o, i had an amazing trip to florida and performed at the brand new dr. phillips center in orlando >.< , i gave my first masterclass at my old alma mater, and i am getting my masters degree on FRIDAY! this has been so so crazy.

today was pretty amazing too, i had my last class ever. it was my creative spirituality class (a music theory class surprisingly), it ran over into finals week because we all had to give 40 minute presentations. it was an embarrassing and wonderful experience to prepare and be ignored. yay grad school. i also had to make up an exam from when i was in florida, and i way overstudied.

i can't believe i have been in school since 1994... 1994!
i am so ready and extremely terrified to be out in the "real" world. like what will i say when people ask what i do? it was so easy to say i was an oboist and that I'm in grad school. but when you say you're an oboist or a musician that isn't enough it's pretty much always followed by how do you make money doing that or whats your real job? so annoying. maybe i can just remind them how horrible a question that is and how impolite it is to ask that to someone you don't know. do doctors or teacher get asked all the followup questions too?

back to how amazing this day is i've been planning outings for the next three days because my parents are coming to nyc! i am so so pumped about it. it'll be the first time they are up here since i moved two years ago, so i want to show them a good time. planning on doing a ton of touristy things since chris and i avoided all of it when we moved. my mom moved to jersey when she came from cuba and has been to the city in the 70's and 80's but my dad has never been here. if you have any tips for hanging with parents in the city please tell me.

i can't believe the end of school is so close. i even get to wear a pink hood and tassel at graduation. pretty much living out the dream. glad to be back.


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