adulting week 1

8:56 AM

week one of being an adult has been something else.
it started out normal then became frustrating and i think I'm ok with it now.
I'm happy to say i've only had about two wtf am i doing with my life meltdowns, which really only happened during my little people ny / reed making sessions.

I've been doing a lot of organizing and prep work for some of the projects i have with chris and even learned how to finally make transparent images on gimp. so exciting!
i spent tuesday drawing and cam scanning little illustrations to use in some programs for Belt & Ramirez (our duo).

mainly my days have been a lot of this

too much of this really, oboe warm ups and reality tv.
in my opinion its time well spent, staying in shape physically, on oboe, and on pop culture at the same time!

i did apply for my first summer job today. fingers crossed i get it.
tonight however i will be bar backing for chris, which is usually a lot of fun until about 2 am when sleep wants to happen. hopefully i can pull through.
wish me luck!

hope everyone has an amazing three day weekend!
if you can where you are, get your BBQ on and then send me pictures! :)

happy friday

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