Photo Diary 5/14 - 5/19

7:07 AM

this past week has been one of the best weeks in the city so far. its has been so great having my parents in town and trying to figure out where to take them and what to show them. i really do miss seeing them all the time. how do people live so far away from their families for so long?

i sadly didn't get any pictures of the graduation dinner this week, but my aunt is too amazing. the spread was insane and she even had a custom banner made. it was all so sweet and perfect. not exactly sure on how i can thank her for all that, but if you by any chance read this blog please know that i am so so grateful for everything you have done for chris and I.

the last picture is from monday, my first day home as an adult with no more school. it was a day full of forms and paperwork and practicing, not the most fun but I'm glad there is work to be done and that i can do it. its not the most flattering photo but look at that pup snuggle. literally the sweetest dog.

hope you all had an amazing weekend!


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