mixtape // week 7

1:55 AM


so technically this isn't monday, it isn't even tuesday anymore but 4:40am wednesday.
chris still hasn't gotten home from work and i haven't slept yet.
i am running off of 3 hours of sleep from last night and too many oreos.

you might be wondering what do you even do at this time of night?
why would you stay up so late?
i wondered the same things to until i recently found pic collage and now i like to make terrible collages on my phone and 4 am offers the ideal amount of free time to do this.
for example, here are two i made tonight ...

i also got around to finishing my "mixtape" that was supposed to be done by monday.

the playlist i made this is week is pretty short.
maybe long off to get ready and get to the train.
if i get ready quickly it might even get me all the way to school.

hopefully this playlist makes waking up a little less miserable this week and keeps me on time:)
i have been much better about being on time lately.
hopefully i can keep it up!

1. chvrches // gun
2. lana del rey // young and beautiful
3. deerhunter // pensacola
4. devendra banhart // won't you come over
5. little comets //dancing song
6. wild nothing // chinatown
7. the shouting machines // i'll be true
8. devendra banhart // mi negrita
9. bastille // pompeii

{click here to listen on spotify}

i feel like this would be a great laying on the beach or taking a nap playlist.
i wish it was warm enough here to go to the beach.

this is the last week of class before spring break and i am so excited for two weeks off.

spring break in the city is going to be so weird.
especially since it is supposed to snow again soon >.<.

let me know if you have any suggestions on fun activities to do over a cold spring break!
i need help.

have a great week!


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