mixtape monday // week 4!

6:37 PM

happy monday!!!

i know this is a super late posting for music monday but its been a pretty hectic weekend with the super bowl festivities and getting work done early for the much needed day off.

chris and i spent the game with family and an adorable baby nugget and it was such a wonderful day in the city. 
there was a high of 55 degrees!
i went out without crazy layers on, just jeans, a cropped top and a coat. 
i forgot what it was like to feel a nice breeze on your tummy. 
i am super excited about spring. 

this weeks monday mixtape goes back to the vibe of week two. 
to me week three was sort of a dud and i maybe listened to it twice last week.
i kept going back to week two. i liked the songs from week three but i was just never in that mood on the train. 

hopefully this one works out better. 

1. pacific air // sunshine
2. mmoths // if only
3. jessie ware // wildest moments
4. generationals // put a light on
5. geographer // kites
6. mmoths // heart
7. deerhoof // breakup songs
8. san cisco // hunter 
9. little green cars // the consequences of not sleeping 
10. dan croll // home

{listen on spotify!}

also, i am still obsessed with the spotify app. 
my only complaint is that on my s4, it will randomly start playing if you go on youtube or watch videos on instagram. 

so weird.
does this happen to anyone else?


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