mixtape monday // week 5!!

12:16 AM

happy monday!!

i know this is super late and technically posted on tuesday but i have not gone to bed yet, so for me it is still monday.

i am the worst, but i marked it down on my list of things i've been late to or things i have finished late list for february.
i will be better.

i went to the doctor today!
i don't think i ever mentioned it on here, but i smashed my pinky on a tray on new years day.
like super hard on the very tip.
i pretty much punched a tray with my pinky on accident.
but i finally got an x-ray on my pinky today.
it is so fat and ugly looking still, but the pain is pretty much gone.
the doctor thinks i might have broken it and i should find out what happened to the little guy this week.

its pretty scary because i think it is healing all fat and deformed like this.
luckily since it isn't as painful anymore my oboe playing has gone back to normal.
so deformed or not i can still play!

for this weeks monday mixtape i tried to mix things up and pick some things that didn't all sound the same. kind of how my pinkies might never look the same again :)

just trying to make a theme for the week.
let me know what you think.

1. junip // baton
2. wolf parade // dear sons and daughters of holy ghosts
3. little green cars // harper lee
4. banks // fall over
5. trails and ways // como te vas
6. cayucas //  a summer thing
7. tyler the creator // tamales
8. kisses // funny heartbeat
9. labyrinth ear // humble bones
10. banks // before i ever met you
11. ra ra riot // what i do for u
12. bahamas // okay alright i'm alive

{as always you can listen here on spotify}

have you discovered anything new lately?


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