Mixtape Monday // guest post - husband edition

12:47 PM

Oh, hello fans of blog. Beatriz is working on a new feature this week and asked me to fill in on the mixtape front. This one is definitely a bit of a departure, so a few words about my selections.

I work in a bar, which, on slow nights, with a bit of luck and just the right combination of whiskey, gin, beer, and jukebox, provides a great atmosphere for dialogue with the odd patron (my apologies for the Melville-ian proliferation of commas). Last night was such a night, when I was afforded a long-form conversation with a customer and former employee of same bar who is now a successful actor. We got to talking about making the transition from working side jobs to being paid for your skill and talent, something I hope to do in the next year or so living in NYC. "The most important question to answer," he said, "is what are you trying to do? Create your vision, and then go about trying to express it. Look to those people who have achieved what you're trying to achieve as inspiration, but don't don't make a safe imitation of their work - take risks, or there will be nothing of value in what you do." And here I was just trying to pour beers and keep from splashing our famous chili on my shirt.

Thinking about what I am trying to do is the theme for this playlist. I've gone back to songs and pieces that made an impact on me throughout my years of working on music. The list is organized in the chronological order in which I heard the piece. These are all works that have a strong memory associated with them, and for the most part they are on the long side to facilitate extended thought. This is a list for thinking to. You can listen closely or zone out, but the point is to let it guide, rather than to react to it.

1. miles davis // dual mr. anthony tillmon williams process
2. godspeed you black emperor! // terrible canyons of static
3. dirty three // deep waters
4. narciso yepes // gran jota (composed by francisco tarrega)
5. alexei lubimov // für alina
6. alexei lubimov // spiegel im spiegel
7. jimi hendrix // voodoo chile (slight return)
8. iannis xenakis // polytope de cluny
9. deerhoof // look away

{ listen on spotify}

What are you trying to do? What songs have strong associations with memories?

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