some sunday shorts

12:40 PM

hope everyone has been having a wonderful week and that you are just about ready for the new one to start:)

life has been a little hectic lately and im working on my chronic lateness problem.
so far this week i've only been late to three things, which is better than it has been but one thing was my lesson.
so that was a thing this week, i feel like my teacher thinks i'm some kind of crazy, over partied, druggie because last semester i was always exhausted and now im always late and a bit frazzled. and he asked about drugs.
i'm obviously not on drugs and now that i dont work so much im not as tired as last semester.
last semester i worked fri and saturday from 5pm until 4 am and he usually had lessons sunday morning at like 10, so i came to lessons in zombie mode.
but ill post more about this another time.
a weekend home alone workin and youtubing has made me feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the new week.

here are some interesting shorts i found this weekend while surfin youtube.

hope you have an amazing rest of your weekend.


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