A late night wishlist

12:50 AM

hi everyone.
hope you all had a wonderful valentines day!
i had a lot of fun with chris.
we had some breakfast in bed , we got chris a new guitar, and we spent the night at the bar (chris works fridays).
i didn't think the bar would be that fun on valentines day (because of how christmas eve and new years where at the bar) but we were all watching the olympics and laughing and having a good time and it was a really nice night.
and to make this weekend even better, i received a package from my parents with packs of contacts and beautiful new clothes (i think the clothes where my christmas present?)
i don't know how it is for most people that move to nyc, but moving to the city with no winter clothes and having to spend your whole winter clothes budget on the basics like coats and closed toed shoes was shitty.
i have no suitable winter clothing because florida had no winter to shop for.

so i have been wearing a uniform here, which is jeans, boots, my one wool sweater, any shirt i can find that no one ever sees, and my green coat.
it's been making me crazy.
so thank you mom and dad for all the beautiful winter options:).

tonight chris works again and i opted not to spend the whole night there so instead i stayed home and played and ended up making a pretty basic wish list on my phone using pic collage.

i don't really need the junk food but if i could find some vegan donuts here, i could just maybe fall in love with this city.

i guess what this wish list is saying is that i want more basics.
i want like a million white shirts, i have so many patterned tops and just miss the easiness of a clean white shirt.
I would love some high waisted jeans because they make my butt look awesome and i love how they look with a tucked in shirt or a crop top.
a nice looking pair protective pair of sunglasses would be awesome so i dont walk into traffic because of temporary blindness.
and some doc martins so i can look tough while skipping through puddles.

i didn't realize how much i frolic until moving here.
skipping or hopping doesn't seem to be a thing adults do in new york.


what are you wishing for this spring?


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