Happy thanksgiving

8:38 AM

This is the first thanksgiving I can remember where in the morning the house isn't chaotic with too many things cooking and too many things needing to be cleaned up. 

I miss my mom and the amazing smell of all the mojo pork and turkey (the result of a night full of prepping and and super early start on cooking) and being her helper in tasting everything just to be sure it was perfect. 
It's 11 am in the photo above, that's all the light this little place gets, and Chris is still sleeping. I have coffee steeping on the stove and two dogs to cuddle with. 
We did all our baking yesterday so the house is "clean" and quiet. 

It will be weird to have a thanksgiving where the whole family can fit at a single table (mine generally had three plus couches) and have an actual conversation. 

I miss my family in Florida but I am also thankful to have family in nyc that I will get to know better and maybe start some new traditions with. 

Wishing you a happy stress free thanksgiving!

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