five things friday

8:14 AM

on this lovely crisp friday morning i wanted to share five things i love and appreciate from this past week.

1 //

the failed family tradition of trying to see the nyc marathon together. 
for the second year in a row we failed to meet on same side of the race, which is pretty awesome. 
next year we agreed to meet at the entrance to the park so we could all watch and cheer together. 
(this was mile 24) 

enjoying fall outside! this year has been so much better than last year, everything feels so different and wonderful.
i am so happy to be enjoying the last of the fall greenery in the sunshine. 


finally investing (is $40 an investment?) / taking the time to get a freakin humidifier.
this thing is a game changer.
no more headachy mornings and no more nosebleeds.
this year we are ready.


this video.
it has been getting me through pretty much every bad thought i've had in the past week.
i've kinda been watching it everyday.


last but not least, this video a friend from school made.
i have watched it a few times this week, it's perfect.

hope you all have the happiest of weekends. 


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