mixtape monday // running edition

9:51 AM


last week chris an i finally got new running shoes.
we ordered them off 6pm because discounts and they came within a week, which was amazing. 
we did our first run and it was fun and not to painful. 
we ran a little over a mile, nothing too crazy except the last 1/4 mile was all uphill and i really wanted to just give up and lie down. that was my only run day last week. but i am trying again.

i am lazy, but i haven't always been and i would like to not be anymore. 

we ran today without the dogs (less fun) and it was so cold and way more painful. 
the goal was to run two miles but i think my constant complaining after mile 1 might have cut us a little under two miles. 
i am a lot of fun to exercise with.

i had these severe cramps that felt like the worst menstrual cramps ever (tmi?) is this even normal.
chris thought it could have been my bodies response to the pre run coffee i had to have. 
it happened on the run back home. it was the worst 5 blocks i have ever had to run but that loving husband of mine wouldn't leave me behind to crawl home, so i had to push on.

how is one expected to do anything without a cup of coffee.

i need help. 

send me your tips. 
how do you get up early and not hate yourself, how do you have energy to run without drinking coffee, and how do you stay motivated? 
also, any running in cold weather tips are greatly appreciated since this will be our first year of winter outdoor exercise. 

for this weeks music monday chris and i compiled a playlist of songs to hopefully get us motivated, keep us energized, and help me not complain as much so we can run longer.

hopefully it does the same for you.


this playlist will probably be updated frequently so if you have any suggestions let me know!

hope you have a happy monday


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