a quiet monday

10:49 PM

am i the only one that sort of likes a slightly messy apartment and mondays?

today chris and i gave each other haircuts, i skipped grocery shopping, and we had pancakes and tofu scramble for dinner.
i really loved today.
the only problem is that instead of our usual tv binge or band rehearsal, chris switched a shift last week and had to work tonight.

so it's just me and the pups this evening and the house is super quiet.

i did start working on some new reeds tonight!
i really love to make reeds but i really hate deciding that i will spend the next two hours doing it.
like Pringles once you pop (or soak your cane) you just cant stop.
but it really is soothing and relaxing process, especially when you are home alone.

i like put on a mud mask, watch too much youtube, and whittle away for way longer than it should take.

side note, does anyone feel like so many of the channels are making the same exact videos??
it gets really annoying, especially when i have to put down my tools and search for something better.
tonight I have fallen in love with tastemade and this is pretty much what i watched all night.
this and too many tiny house tours.
one day i will have the most adorable tiny house, especially if i move back to florida.
chris likes the idea too and really wants to build a little home.
this video is my favorite interior and one of my least favorite video tours. if you watch it you'll figure out why within two minutes, but the interior is perfect.

this week is going to be a little different than usual.
i generally have sunday through wednesday to work at home and hang out with chris but I am going into the office tomorrow and I am not ready to be up before noon.
yesterday we binged on tv and were up until 5am >.< , orange is the new black is just to good to only watch one episode.
and tonight chris works super super late and i am bad at sleeping in a house alone.
i am hoping i can be in bed at a reasonable hour,  it is already about 2am and i am wide awake.
wish me luck


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