Dear Photograph,

6:42 PM

Dear Photograph,
My Grandfather showed his love for me then, by holding me. Now he is only able to hold my hand, but I feel his love for me. It is funny how some things change while others stay exactly the same.Brittan

i found this sweet little site after spending way too much time surfing the tumblr today and it was almost like getting a reward for not doing the work i should have been.

Dear Photograph,
This is when I still had hair and my brother pooped himself.
We were happy, but we didn’t know it.
i just spent the last hour reading through so many of these captions and just loving it all so much. 

i especially loved seeing the really old photos and seeing how much or little the area has changed. 

Dear Photograph,
I inherited my grandmother’s family photos several years ago and finally did some digging to see if I could find the old family homes around Detroit. Here’s one on Marx Avenue with my father in the early 1930s.

Dear Photograph,
"No, ma’am, it’s not a boy in a dress, it’s a girl in a dress.". The hair came, the dresses went, the park stayed.


i want to do this with all of my families old photos.
it would be really exciting to travel to the countries where my family had lived and explore the cities where my parents and grandparents grew up.
even doing this with the not as old photos and being able to explore florida, new jersey, and some states in the west would be so exciting.

i think i am going to load up on new jersey photos the next time i head down to florida and see my family. i would love to see the areas i've heard so many stories about.

what do you think of this idea? do you think you might try it too?
i'd love to see the results if you do!

see more of Dear Photograph here.


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