11:39 AM

I can't believe it is already the end of July.

I received an email this morning saying I have to go to school this week to fill out paperwork, which is always heartbreaking.
Accepting student loans and paying for health insurance makes me sick to my stomach.
But I like where I am, I like the city, and I love that my husband is also happy here, so i guess it's worth it.

luckily I still have another month or so before classes startup and I still have some time to savor this summer.

First thing I want to do is find a good beach. I haven't been in 13 months!!
My legs have never been so pale, its gotten pretty bad.
The other day at the bar some one referred to me as white girl, which isn't a bad thing or anything just that it was the first time in my life that I've ever been referred to as or confused with a white girl.
the basement life struggle is real and i need to get outside in the daytime more.
If you have a favorite beach near NYC let me know because I'll probably end up at Coney island.

This weekend I  bought my pass for this years International Double Reed Society Conference!
This year the conference takes place at NYU so I don't need to pay for housing!!

It is going to be the biggest and nerdiest conference I have been to and I am so excited to geek out on all things oboe. They have all these wellness classes, masterclasses, and evening outings where everyone can mingle and  listen to oboe and bassoon music together <3<3<3.
I am also looking forward to free oboe swag, I have no idea what to expect. When I went to the chamber music America conference I got so much free sheet music so I'm hoping they give out free cane and staples, or even reed cases! A girl can dream...
All nerdiness aside, I decided that I'm going to enter my first oboe competition this year!
I'm pretty terrified about it and the music looks really tough but I have a few months to prepare.
Plus stress is a good motivator and I need a little fire lit under my lazy butt.
I can't have another year like this past one, or ill never get any better.

Other big plans for the end of summer include a road trip home and hopefully a small camping weekend.
I've also been thinking about starting a YouTube channel and maybe that will be up by the end of summer..

What have you all been doing this summer?


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