8:41 PM

i refused to wake up this morning and the mixture of 6 alarms followed by all the snooze alarms that went off seemed to do the trick.
it at least annoyed chris enough that he wouldn't let me sleep anymore.

to my surprise it was a beautiful snowy and bright day out.
i rarely check the weather here like i did when i lived in florida.
i guess because usually its just cold out here and thats .

I love walking in the snow and having my contacts moistened by freezing snowflakes.
is that weird?

i managed to stay indoors most of the day (my winter clothes just seem to absorb snow and then i go all numb, not pleasent) but i went on a cookie hunt around 10 pm.
it still hadn't stopped snowing.

i have never seen snow this thick!
our little basement entry way is pretty flooded with snow.

it is so crazy that the weather up north tends to last all day.
it is so different from florida where one second the weather could be bright and clear and the next you're under a tornado warning and it looks so scary outside you worry your bungalow might get taken away in the storm.

i think i prefer the consistency and i don't really miss the thunder and lighting one bit.

also real winter isn't as bad as i thought it would be.
but i really do miss the beach.


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