lesson learned

3:10 PM

i am the kind of person that learns things the hard way.
i can remember from an early age my mother telling me that there are two ways to do anything in life, the easy was or the hard way.
when she would tell me this, she was usually referring to cleaning my room a little everyday or  having to deal with the buildup at the end of the week or like studying vs cramming.
kid things.
but like most things she's told me through my life, this is applicable in just about any situation.

for example, my inability to be on time for anything.

instead of doing things the easy way,
like setting my alarm a few hours before i need to be somewhere to have time to eat and get ready,
i choose to stay up until 7 am and set my alarm for half an hour before i need to leave giving me barely enough time to wash my face and put on socks.
but because i went to bed at 7am i sleep through the alarm and next thing you know I am 40 minutes late to my one hour oboe lesson.

i am an asshole.

but today I learned my lesson and will hopefully be one of those people who learn things the easy way.

hope you are all having a happy saturday!
what have you learned this week?


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