mixtape monday_ week 1 (oboe edition)

7:29 PM

hi everyone!
welcome to the first mixtape monday!!
sorry i am posting this so late at night, but i am still on this weird nocturnal clock even though i woke up at 8:30 am today.
i saw the morning sun again and it was glorious!!
i had quite possibly the worst night of sleep. i tried to be in bed by 130, and i was but i just laid there until 6 am when i finally fell asleep.
luckily i only had one class today and after a miserable train ride home i took a 4 hour nap.
and when i say miserable train ride i mean waiting 10 minutes at a stop in an non air conditioned car
while the lady tried to open the doors with people yelling and sweating only to be told that everyone needs to get out and take a different train, which didn't come for another 10 minutes. 
but it could've been worse.

but back to the mixtape.
i wanted to start with something that would be easy for me to make but that would give you a better sense of what i do and what i love.
so i compiled a spotify playlist of some of my favorite oboe pieces or movements from an oboe work.
if you were wondering what an oboe was or wanted to know what one sounded like, these are the pieces i would have you listen to.
when i first started my undergrad at ucf, these were the pieces i listened to for inspiration and to motivate myself to push through all the shittiness that comes with learning or playing the oboe.
i still find myself going back to these pieces to try and motivate myself, but it oddly doesn't have the same effect as it used to. i still really enjoy these pieces but i think because i have worked on most of these pieces all i can think about is technical things and how i played them and the work that went into them. so over the past year i've been compiling a list of newer pieces that are inspiring to me, which i'll probably post later on.

i hope this playlist can bring some inspiration to you like it once did for me:)

1. richard strauss // mvt i , concerto for oboe and small orchestra
2. francis poulenc // trio for oboe, bassoon, and piano
3. camille saint-saëns // mvt ii, sonata for oboe and piano
4. w.a mozart // mvt iii, oboe quartet is f major
5-7. frigyes hidas // oboe concerto
8-11. ludwig van beethoven/ oboe trio in c major op.87

{ listen on spotify}

what have you been listening to lately?


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