Anthropology sale wish list.

3:58 PM


hope you all had a great weekend.

mine was spent mainly curating some writing samples to hopefully get this paid internship with a super interesting non profit. keep your fingers crossed.
It was fun but still stressful.
luckily  the 1 train was down so i couldn't really go anywhere if i wanted too.

there was also an awesome street fair on St. Nicholas full of venders, games, and so much yummy food.
it was great and warm outside all day, but of course as soon as i step out of my house it starts to drizzle, which doesn't faze me and as soon as i get to the fair it starts to pour. for a while i just walked around in it but then it got cold and on my walk back home in the rain it just stopped and the vendors removed there tarps and the fair was back on.

and not to leave out a very first for us in NYC...we hosted a little vegan bbq/ fire pit party. 
our building has some outdoor space that belongs to one of our fellow basement dwellers and she kindly let us use it. 

but back to my wish list... 

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happy tuesday!


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