the better view

1:02 PM


hope your wednesday is off to a fantastic start.
mine has been full of dog walks, tofu scramble sandwiches, and watching silly videos with the husband.

but after this post it is time to get into some work.
mainly practicing and working on stuff for the internship.

did i mention i started my internship last week??
it is actually pretty amazing i really like it.

my job is to curate articles and blog posts for the new website that will launch this week.

it will be so weird to see stuff i post on the internet in a place where people will read it and maybe learn something and want to research it more or go to a show because i posted about it.

it's different than here where usually i am just rambling freely about whatever i feel like.

but because of the internship i have been spending a lot more time in brooklyn than i ever have before.
yesterday after work one of my coworkers and i went on a walk/ picnic a park in brooklyn that made me so jealous of everyone who gets to live there.

the views are amazing and so much prettier than what you get to look at in manhattan.

see for yourself...

the roof of the building i work in

view from the park.
that bridge i am on moves when you walk across it and it is truly terrifying.

the park we walked in is where the barge for barge music is parked and it was so nice to sit and watch the tour boats go by in wonderful hot weather.

I actually couldn't believe how small the barge was. I've been wanting so see a concert there for years but now seeing how small it is i imagine its pretty tough to get a ticket.

you can read more about the place where i am interning here
there is nothing i wrote on there yet but there should be later this week when the new site launches.


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