A Saturday donut adventure.

1:07 PM

Happy saturday!

Today was supposed to be a beach day.
But seeing as we didn't go to bed until 6 am, we kind of slept  through prime beach hours. Plus the train ride would take so much time and no work would get done today.

Instead we went on in a donut hunt in our neighborhood.
We finally found some at 181 and Amsterdam at Bizcocho Dominicano, which doesn't sound like a prime donut spot but the sugar donut was so fluffy and incredible ( the chocolate sprinkle one was cute but not so great )

After chris and I took a well deserved walk around the neighborhood  and for the first day in months I got so sweaty.

It was magic.

P.s. i found out last night that I got hired for paid  summer internship at a super exciting non profit and I am super excited!!!
But I'll post more  on this at a later time.

Now it's time for beer and saturday cartoons.


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