wednesday feels.

2:26 PM

Happy Wednesday!!

Sorry that I haven't posted in about two months...
All you really need to know about the past two months is that my semester is done, my first year of grad school is over, and the heat is finally making an appearance in the city!
Oh!and I no longer work at the restaurant, which is a little bittersweet.

but I'll update more on some major events another day.

now for the feels.

I am thankful for my middle/high school teachers assigning so many of Maya Angelou's poems and books to read when i was younger.
To rise above such a hard childhood and young adulthood and become such an influential woman is so inspiring and I am thankful that there is still so much to learn from her through all of her writing.
Here is a reading of a poem that I still think about often read by Maya Angelou.

and for some added feels...

I was so happy to see this video today.
This is from my old neighborhood in Orlando!
I always made sure to wave at the gold man on my drive to school and he always responded with a kind hat flip.
I bet it isn't enjoyable wearing a gold suit in the awful florida heat, but he always seemed so happy to be there.

Mr. Gold from Brian Carlson Photo on Vimeo.

and last but not least quite possibly the cutest video I have seen all week.

have you seen any good videos this week?


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