12:21 PM

good afternoon:)

i'm writing this post from the school library on what might be my longest school day since junior year of undergrad. 10am-940pm :(:(.

I am cramming some music for rehearsal tonight. i am subbing for a friend and am playing first oboe on Mozart symphony no 40 and the overture to the barber of Seville.
both are pieces I've never played but have heard my whole life.
Thank you classic cartoon childhood:)
Which makes this more terrifying because all will know if I make the slightest mistake. >.<

If you were wondering about my absence on here I was on my spring break.
I didn't really leave the city, except once where I went to a dinner in Staten island.
Seriously took over 2 hours to get there and even longer to get back.
I will probably never go back.

The ferry ride back was nice though.

and I got to meet one of my cousins (plus her baby and her man) who grew up here and got to spend time with a cousin I grew up with (and finally meet her bf!) who moved up here a few years before I did.

I was a pretty sad thinking about spring break in this frigid city, which meant no beach, picnics, or springtime adventures but I went to so many exciting concerts and shows!

My aunt took my sister in law and I to see the new production of Le mis and it was so good!
My first Broadway show!

I also got some swanky seats for wozzeck at the met for the student ticket price of $27 each. (they were $300 seats!)
I was literally close enough to James Levine where I couldn't get him out of my sight. It was to cool. Also you could see inside the pit, which I was so excited about.

I also won a pair of tickets to go see the bang on a can all stars at the Kaufmann center and my friend Rick and I somehow got into the reception area and were able to get some free snacks and drinks.
I didn't get a picture of  the performers or us at the venue but I did get a photo of the amazing vegan chilli I got at blossom to escape the horrible wind before the show.
it was so perfect.

Oh and Sunday night was the new music bake sale, which is like a new music grandma party.
And if you don't know what grandma party is, I guess its like a new music farmers market? I have no idea.

A bunch of tables with different ensembles or organizations selling baked goods and hanging out talking about their group with live shows mixed in.

New music + sweets + beer and followed by some savory treats makes for a fun night.

and that was pretty much my spring break aside from the extra hours of practice and the many hours of TV and sleeping too much.

It feels ok to be back in school but aside from the rehearsals and lessons I am kind of over being a student and am looking forward to being done here.

I'll post more on that later.

Have you seen any good concerts lately?


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