living the life

1:57 AM

so this week has been really hectic with rehearsals and not so much with practicing, which is kind of disappointing.

i was getting on a really steady practice regimen over spring break and i really hope i can get back on it.

outside of rehearsal i've mainly only been working on my ensemble music- excluding my quintet music, which i really need to be spending a lot of time on.
i am really enjoying having all of these rehearsals though. i had 2-3 rehearsals every day this week and i'm excited that this week will be about the same, except this week i have two concerts and no morning rehearsals (thank goodness).

on a side note i have had a lot more anxiety problems this week than normal and a bit of dizziness that is probably just stress and hunger.
or it could be the program for my wednesday concert, john adams will be the death of me.

i really need to start packing lunches or at least carry a ton of snacks.
i feel like i am constantly hungry even when i eat a ton of food.
is anyone else like this?
also i worry if i'm getting enough vitamins. its not always easy to find good things to eat that is really cheap. i don't ever really carry cash and i ran out of money on my student commuter account.
also i go to a ridiculously expensive school and still have to pay a ton for some pretty terrible food.
all i eat is tofu vegetables and rice at school and they somehow take all the flavor out of vegetables.
it tastes like if they boiled everything for too long and than just served it.
so lately i have been living on bread, rice, and beans. >.<

i cut off all my hair.
it was awesome.
i got it cut in between rehearsals on thursday at this tiny unisex barbershop between broadway and amsterdam on 96th.
seriously paid 20 plus tip and got a great haircut and a wash.

and my hairdresser didn't speak english so no awkward conversation, just a lot of silence, stillness, and thinking.
does anyone else not like to talk while getting a haircut?
i just want all the attention on my hair, no distractions and i am content sitting there for however long it takes in silence.

when i take a picture ill post it.
i really need to take more pictures. i have had all this stuff happen this week and haven't taken a single picture. i'll be better.

p.s all this rain is awesome and the temperature seems to finally be going up in nyc.
goodbye winter!!

what is your favorite rainy day activity?


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