11:19 PM

i am still sick. i have been sick since the week after thanksgiving.
i missed three weeks of work because of it!
i was finally getting better last week but it is back and angrier than before.
i have this deep horrible cough and my nose has decided it is now a leaky faucet.
at least my sore throat is gone. on christmas even swallowing my own spit was unbearably painful.
i slept ten hours last night and woke up at four pm today. my schedule has changed so much that i have seen the sun once in the past five days (having no true windows does not help).
but i am optimistic, going to make some diet changes (i think i am missing some major vitamins) and try to see the sun daily and see if it helps. hopefully i can be a little better by the new year.
i am very excited to feel healthy again. coughing fits everywhere i go is a bit embarrassing and frightening. i am always so afraid of getting a baby or an old person sick.

i guess this could be a new years resolution.. take care of myself and make sure i eat enough and enough healthy things, some days i only eat cookies and beer (i am a terrible adult). oh and add see the sun on a daily basis and call a family member every day. and not to get to standard on resolutions but exercise regularly and not use the uptown hills as an excuse to not get in some real exercise.

on a side note, i cut my own bangs last week.
i watched some youtube videos around this time last week (this time being 2:30 am) and could not think of a good reason not to try it.

hope you all have a happy new year, ill try to post some photos from new years eve. we haven't decided on anything specific yet, but as our first new years eve in the city, i hope it is fun with a little touch of adventure.


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