8:02 PM

this is a new kind of christmas for me.
a christmas alone with my husband.
we might possibly see some friends on christmas day for dinner.
my husband works a double tomorrow at the bar and i will just help him out all day.
11 am to 4 am! >.<
it will be weird to not be surrounded by loved ones, or seeing the excitement in my nieces and nephews faces when they get to open their gifts, and getting to read the night before christmas to them.
i am definitely pretty emotional about it now that i am sitting home alone on pre christmas eve and not helping my mom cook.

i am taking a quick break from transcribing my friends music to write this post. i am really terrible at this. i almost failed ear training. i passed with a c, which in grad school is pretty much failing.
but this is good practice for next semester.

finished our christmas shopping today, last minute of course, and overnighted it back home in a big box.
i think the overnighting price was just about the same as the price for the gifts. but it is a lesson learned and am so glad they will have our gifts tomorrow. i am hoping for a live photo stream of christmas at my parents. but i am also interested to see christmas at the bar. will it just be people who don't celebrate christmas, or will there also be people sad who could not afford to go home, or even people who don't have a home to go to? either way i am going to try my best to make it a fun day at the bar and i will make this vegan coconut nog.

p.s i saw philip glass this week and i saw satomi from deerhoof play a set in her own group at the same show. it was quite amazing
my pathetic attempt at a glass picture.                

wishing you all the most wonderful holiday


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