Moving Forward

8:20 AM

A week ago we uprooted and left Manhattan. It was a tough move, as much as I've complained about New York I really did love it there. I am grateful for the challenges that living in the city brought me, I am grateful for the shitty apartment that made me tougher, I am grateful for the amazing people we got to know over the years, and for all the different jobs and experiences that helped me grow.

The move happened pretty quick, there was a job offer and two months later here we are.

I am excited for the future and the move forward. This past week the festival  we run had a marathon featuring a dozen local contemporary classical ensembles. A DOZEN! Five years ago when we started the festival there was maybe one contemporary ensemble in Orlando. Moving back and having an event like this was incredible and I am so excited to see this community continue to grow.

The move itself has been very freeing since we gave away almost everything we own.  The last moment before we drove off we handed our television to an older woman who lived across the street from us. We moved down in a mini van and if it didn't fit it stayed.

We packed the van pretty tight and made it down to florida in under 24 hours. 6 guitars, 2 oboes, 2 dogs, 2 humans, and 2 little plants. Here we are no furniture, an air mattress, and ready to start over.

This week we move into our now house and I am excited to share this new journey.


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