A little weekend motivation

7:02 AM

Happy Friday the 13th!

This week has been wonderful but also so stressful for us.
But it was all worth it because we will be moving into our new house/apartment tomorrow and I am so excited.

I am SO thankful for my parents and everything they do for us but I am so ready and appreciative to have our own space again even though the dogs love my parents house so much.


In honor of such a stressful time I needed some positivity so I decided to de-clutter and beautify my phone. A process that makes me feel so much better and makes everything so much more pleasant.

After wasting way too much time and not finding exactly what I wanted in a background, I decided to make my own. I like my lock screen to have text but I like main background simple so I usually waste so much time coordinating random images. I fixed that problem by making my own and I'll probably do this from now on.

I hope you like it as much as I do and that it makes whatever you're going through a tiny bit easier.


Wishing you a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. 


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