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9:31 AM

I have been trying to write this post for two weeks and get back into blogging since its been about a month since i've done anything on here. today is the day i finish it.

things have been pretty wonderful and busy lately.
really excited about this last semester of school! i have some really interesting classes and will be reading some big pieces in orchestra.
my reed making is pretty on point as of recent so that is kind of changing my life for the better.

last week chris and i went to the ballet, which was my first time ever seeing live ballet. The program was called Hear the Dance : Russia. it was interesting because they danced to standard symphonic works like the Andantino from Tchaikovsky first piano concert, Rachmaninoff Symphonic dances, and a few other pieces. it was gorgeous but we did end up leaving early and missing the closing piece. side note, the ballet has the strictest ushers, like more uptight than the opera or symphony ushers. lady came in and yelled at the whole section about texting and crinkling sounds from cough drops. it was crazy, she was all if i see you texting your out, if i hear any more crinkling i'm going to ask you to leave. it was pretty intense. i also got yelled at for trying to take a picture of the hall before the ballet started, it was a gorgeous hall with the most majestic curtain i have ever seen.
they are super intense about the photography.

later last week chris and i played a show at studio 26 in the lower east side and for the first time we played the whole piazzolla! i have also started to do my own little solo set, which went surprisingly well! we started a little duo tumblr if you want to get more updates on what were up to.

Sunday we came across the most amazing hungarian pastry shop directly across from the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in the upper west side. it  was packed well into the early evening so we took our coffee to go and went on a long walk in riverside park. i have plans to go back soon and park myself in a booth and eat way too many pastries.

as for life currently, i play in a masterclass today.
i am both nervous and excited the kind of excited that makes my stomach hurt and hands get a little jittery. the oboist is probably one of the best in the current world and i should get a lot of good advice.
but i get nervous having to play in front of a room of oboists especially when this is an open masterclass and i wont even know who they all are.

hope you all have an amazing friday!


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