Happy New Year!

10:57 AM


we're back and our little cozy apartment feels so good :) 
its kind of crazy how long we were gone.
it was really wonderful to see all our loved ones but it feels like we've been gone for ages. 

chris and i were able to reflect on the past year and set some new goals for 2015... it's gonna be big!
(i'll share more on that later) 

i did set a few personal goals for this new year and thought i'd do a little sharing today. 

1 // organize my home. 
    i have been thinking about this since october when i read this article and all through our trip in        florida i couldn't stop thinking about all the things i wanted to donate, all the things that don't bring  chris or me joy. 

    we started working on this monday when we came home and cleaned out the ONE tiny closet in  our apartment. we donated two boxes of christmas decorations ( we went through each ornament and  kept only the ones that gave us joy and are down to one small box), our small pet cages and 1 gallon  tank, so much jewelry, and some kitchen stuff we don't have space for. 

  just cleaning the one closet has made me feel so much better, it's now a functional space versus a  storage for shit we didn't want to deal with.  i am stoked to do this with everything in the house. the  dresser is up next:) 

2 //  Stop doubting & putting my self down. 

  this is something i've always had trouble with and is always on my new year goals but this feels like  the year. i will be 26 this year, i will have my masters, and will finally be done with school.
 it's time  to be confident    

3 // Stop feeling obligated to do things
 it's time to start making decisions based on what i want and not what is expected of me. 

4 // stop making everything into a competition

  this mainly applies to the oboe part of my life but sometimes it bleeds into other stuff.  i need to focus on myself and stop trying to compete with everyone. 

wishing you happiness in 2015!


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